choc. is gluten-free and organic.

choc. a brownie company is a gluten free, organic, and local brownie company based in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. We take pride in sourcing the best ingredients for our brownies, as we want our customers to indulge in treats with as many nutritional benefits as possible. We form relationships with our farmers and suppliers to ensure they use practices without GMOs, pesticides or any other junk! We believe clean, organic ingredients make for a richer tasting brownie that your body will understand how to process and enjoy, all at the same time. The environment is also another important consideration for our company. We use eco friendly packaging and compost whatever waste we can.

We can help make it special by offering you and your guests a party platter or individual boxed brownies with custom color ribbon and/or sticker. Contact us at for more info.


If you are in Los Angeles and want a brownie here are the locations

NYC Locations