where is marzipan??

After several events that we did this past month we realized something…a lot of people don’t know what marzipan is? There seems to be a trend that this is the last flavor to be eaten…not because it’s gross, but because people don’t know it’s almond paste!  And we even make our own marzipan so it’s not too sugary.  In any case, we changed the name to SWEET ALMOND. All the same ingredients just a name change. Try it next time you order!

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choc brownies and crawfish?

crawfish Yep, that’s a crawfish.  He traveled all the way from Louisiana with hundreds of his friends to offer his um… services for a fantastic event honoring InsideOUT Writers (www.insideoutwriters.org) – a wonderful program that conducts weekly writing classes within the Los Angeles County Juvenile Hall System taught by writers, poets, screenwriters, journalists and educators, that gives students the opportunity to refocus their lives without the influence of peer pressure and build their self-esteem.

We were honored to serve our choc. brownies at such a meaningful and inspirational event!  And after a healthy serving of our little red friend over there, everyone devoured our chocolaty goodness for a good cause!

And a special shout-out to Lucy Firestone and Todd Rubenstein who put on this marvelous event and were kind enough to let us share our brownies with everyone.  You can see a entry about choc. on Lucy’s fantastic blog where she and her sister Mary share amazing tips about travel, food, fashion, life and more.  Check it out and get inspired!   www.firestonesisters.com !!

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March Madness!

IT IS MARCH ALREADY! This month we decided most people think of mint as the flavor for March, well at least those of you that go to McDonalds for your shamrock shake. We wanted to give you something different and came up with…. green tea. As I have never thought of putting green tea with chocolate, I found out the flavors go together really nicely.  The matcha tea is pungent, yet smoothed out by the mascarpone and chocolate. Also,I like the look of the green with a choc. brownie…artsy. I think it should be a staple flavor on our menu, its that good. Please give it a try and let us know what you think? Oh and you have to eat the shamrock on top last so it brings you luck this month. I made that up but I hope it works for you (and me:)

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February flavor

It’s that time again. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and well, a lot of us either hate or love the day. This is why we decided to make a spicy brownie named RED HOT DEVIL. It’s the perfect combo of spicy and sweet. A genius flavor, when you first bite into it you can’t taste the spice – just creamy smooth sweet chocolate and ….then a subtle hotness travels through your entire mouth.  Perfection!

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new flavor for January

New flavor this month is vanilla cream. Simple, creamy, and really good. We figured with a new year you would all enjoy something simple after all the holiday sweets.

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pippy! almost  a whole year has gone by since Pippi and I started choc. Just wanted to thank everyone who helped make this business come alive. Thanks to all our Kickstarter backers, our families and our friends for your help, love and support this year. I especially want to thank Pippi for somehow agreeing to starting a company with me….actually she came to me and said “hey, want to be partners”. Well it worked out well for me, she might be regretting that offer after I made her make 6 holiday flavors, do all the math, and eat way more brownies then she planned on. Anyways, THANKS PIPPI FOR ALL THE LAUGHS AND STRESS this year! love neels

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HOLIDAY FLAVORS are just in! We ran a “flavor contest” on twitter and facebook to which we finally found our flavors for the holiday season. I have to say I think we might need a brownie break after taste testing all are crazy flavor suggestions. Anyways, here are the flavors that worked the best with our brownies….GINGERBREAD, EGGNOG, ANISE LADYFINGER, VANILLA CRESCENT, HOT BUTTERED RUM, and PEPPERMINT MERINGUE. Winners you will be notified this week so we can getyou  your holiday choc.pac. The best one is the Anise Ladyfinger. It reminds me of the many Italian cookies my grandma made at Christmas. Hope you all will try a holiday flavor choc.pac which you can order online. Pick and choose what you want. Bring them to your next party or a gift or enjoy them yourself. Mmmm…I might need to taste that hot buttered rum one again…spicy and sweet….guess my “brownie break” is over, to the fridge I go!

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has nothing to do with brownies but…


Pippi and I often stop for lunch in between baking and those of you that know me, know that I have been on a quest for  the best burger in LA. We can’t seem to find one anywhere! LOVE a suggestion. I try to stick to the burger joints with quality meats and organic is a plus. I much enjoyed the burger at 8oz, but of course it is out of business now. This burger looks good, but failed in taste.

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bizzy brownies


Exciting news in choc.land…This is our new kitchen space located at 9626 Venice blvd in the heart of Culver City. It’s a also cafe with great lunch; togo soups, cheeses, salads and sammys AND our brownies. So if you are dying for a choc. brownie, you can get one here! Go check us out and tell your friends. We are super excited to be more available to the Los Angeles area.

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New flavor

the marzipanWe have added a new regular flavor to the list, MARZIPAN! It’s Monika’s creation and it’s incredibly good. I recommend it with a nice cup of coffee,a couch and a blanket. Enjoy!

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