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Its that time of year, again! This year we are offering a “holiday pac”. This includes the 3 holiday flavors and 3 of our signature flavors: salted caramel, peanut butter + honey, and coffee + cream. I like the peppermint cream, one the best…well actually the gingerbread one is really good…but the hot buttered rum is also so unique that we couldn’t just pick one. You have to enjoy all three this holiday season. Just remember that we ship out on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS so orders placed on Thurdays or Fridays won’t go out til the following Monday.


This flavor is perfect for the season. We made pumpkin butter and inserted it into our brownies AND added a crust crumble on top. All organic. All gluten-free. All fantastic.  After I made the first batch I accidentally at two.  I am really into pumpkin and chocolate together.  Order today.  This flavor is very popular so order now so we can bake enough!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


I wasn’t sure what flavor to pick/make for September. It’s kinda the end of peach season so I thought maybe I could try something with peaches.  I picked up a bunch of them at the Hollywood farmers market. My Neighbors had lent me a book that is called THE PRESERVATION KITCHEN by chef Paul Virant.  They are good friends of Paul and recommended I try making something from his cookbook. Most of you that know me, know that I HATE following a recipe. I will always change or alter it in some way to make it my own. I started to make his peach saffron jam…and I did follow his recipe all the way through believe it or not. I loved the process of making this simple jam. I was very proud of myself because I was patient and followed instructions and it came out great! Sweet peach flavor and floral notes from the saffron. Give it a try!


lemon curd rosemary

lemon curd rosemary

This is a flavor we did last summer and well everyone loved it. So it is back again for our August flavor of the month.  It is tangy with floral notes from the rosemary on top and in between.  It goes so well with chocolate, it is a must try.



goldies are here!

So I have been trying to master making a “goldie” for a couple years now. Its hard to make gluten free bakery without chocolate in it because as with our brownies, the chocolate masts the taste of the gluten free flour. In a gluten free cookie or cake, the flavor of the flour is very present.  I think we did and excellent job with our “goldies”. It tastes like a big chocolate chip cookie (minus the chocolate chips, just cacao nibs on top). Super chewy, buttery, vanilla goodness.  Give it a try. I might keep it on the menu for good if enough people like it.


Well it took us a year and a half but….

Looks like choc. will finally be at (hopefully) the Century City farmers market, Thursday 11-3pm.  I will know more in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, we will not be delivering in Los Angeles anymore due to man power this month BUT if we get into these farmers markets, you can call us and place an order to pick up. Or just come by….I will keep you updated.


unique LA Summershow

choc. at Unique LA in July

We were just accepted to be in UNIQUE LA summer show this July 14 and 15 at the Santa Monica Barker Hanger.  Its a great event, filled with other crafters, artists and food makers from Los Angeles. Come and join us. Support us little people!  Get tickets online at link above.  It will be fun and bring lots of money to buy goodies!

father’s day gifts!

So Father’s Day is coming up quick. June 17. Let’s see what gift we can get dad that he probably hasn’t gotten before?  A bra, nail polish, hair extensions,  eye brow threading or a box of choc. brownies?  I’d guess the best choice would be the brownies.  This month we are custom wrapping your dad’s brownies with a handmade tie, ribbon and a hand written seeded card (yes, you can plant it) with a message from you.

Going to the Big Apple


po po

MONIKA is off to New York City, well Brooklyn, to test the market with our brownies.  We decided it would be a good idea to travel cross-country together. Chat and have one big long business meeting in the car.  All was fun until Monika got caught doing 87 in a 70.  But our officer was so nice and dropped the ticket down to 79 in a 70.  We may have given him some brownies and a wink:)  Anyways, the rest of the trip was pretty great.  We stayed with friends in each state we stopped and they were all so welcoming.  Denver Dan  had salmon spread, wine, and a wonderful dinner ready for us when we arrived.  Kansas brewmaster Geoff and Ashley welcomed us with a bucket of beer he brewed and a warm summer rain shower.  We ate ribs and baked beans while we watched it pour.  At the end of the night, they were so nice to give up their bed for us.  Little did they know how dirty us traveling girls were. Hope they washed the sheets. Then, Chicago Paul and Nancy  treated us to beers in the backyard with snacks at our arrival.  What more could you want.   All and all, Monika and I learned a lot about each other, made new friends and well, it was fun!

may flavor of the month

It is like a margarita minus the tequila. Tart, salty, and sweet. What could be better, especially for mother’s day. If you enter “mom” in apply code area at checkout in the month of May we will give you a $5 discount on your entire order.